What To Expect

Adult visitsAdult Visits:

During your initial visit you will have one hour with a doctor to discuss, in detail, your current, past and family medical history.  In addition to this, the doctor will obtain detailed information about your diet and lifestyle history.  During this visit the doctor may choose to do a physical exam, order lab work or imaging.  If you have already recently performed imaging or lab work you may wish to bring a copy of the results with you to your visit.  At the end of the visit some natural supplements or medications may be prescribed and an individualized treatment plan will be developed.   Follow-up visits will last 30 minutes to monitor improvement and make adjustments to the therapies as necessary.

Pediatric Visits:

The gentle yet effective treatments employed by Naturopathic Doctors are especially suited to the delicate systems of children.  We schedule one hour for well-child check ups and other initial consultations. This allows for complete physical exam, thorough discussion of child’s health history, time to answer all of your family’s questions and a comprehensive discussion of your child’s health care needs.

Acute care visits are generally 30 minutes long.   In addition to focus on prevention, Naturopaths are knowledgeable about treating childhood diseases including asthma, eczema, ear infections, colds and flus, and gastrointestinal problems.  We work closely with families to ensure they are comfortable and confident in the process with the ultimate goal of empowering families to handle the most common problems on their own.