Detoxification Programs

We clean our houses and our cars, we clean our hair, behind our ears and our teeth. But do you ever think about cleaning your insides? We come into contact with thousands of toxins every day. They are in the air we breathe, the water we drink, and the food we eat. We know that the heavy metals we find in our fish damage our nervous system, the perfumes in our beauty products are endocrine disruptors, and the pesticides on our vegetables can cause cancer. I recommend that people assist their bodies in the detoxification process by doing a cleanse at least once per year to keep their cells functioning at an optimal level. From heavy metal chelation to natural depuration techniques, we can show you how to decrease the toxins you take in while maximizing your toxin excretion. The benefits of detoxification range from increased energy and mental clarity to decreased symptoms of chronic disease. We have a range of programs with varying levels of intensity and duration. Call our office today to see which program may be right for you.