Natural Pediatrics

Pediatric visitsWhole health for whole kids!  Visits 4 times a year for the first two years and then visits annually.  Children enrolled in the Natural Pediatrics program are welcome to come in for acute visits for immediate concerns at any time.

We work closely with parents to establish healthy patterns and life style choices that will optimize growth and development and prevent disease.  We know that the foundation for good health begins in childhood.  Give your child the gift of life long vitality and well-being.   We will discuss nutrition, vaccination, how to prevent common childhood illness, and how to care for the bumps and bruises along the way.  We will prepare you for developmental milestones and what to expect in the months and years to come.  No one teaches you how to be the perfect parent, these visits are an opportunity for you to learn how to make the right decisions for your family and get all of your questions answered along the way.  You can start your child on the path to healthy living by enrolling in the Natural Pediatrics Program today!