Preconception Care

DrRolandPreConceptionPreconception care involves using natural treatments to optimize health prior to active attempts to conceive.  It is the key ingredient to ensuring optimal reproductive health prior to pregnancy.  During the preconception program we ensure the presence of the nutritional building blocks necessary for the formation of a healthy embryo, and work to minimize toxins that could be detrimental to embryonic growth and optimum general and reproductive health in both parents.  The benefits of going through this program prior to becoming pregnant include:


·      Increased chances of healthy conception, pregnancy, birth and baby

·      Decreased chance of pregnancy related complaints

·      Increased chance of natural birth without medication

·      Reduced risk of congenital malformation

·      Babies that are less likely to suffer from various health and learning problems in childhood.

During the program we take a holistic approach to help you optimize your health and the health of your future child.