Hillary Roland is incredibly talented, wonderfully thoughtful and deeply compassionate. Working with her is very rewarding because she models the best personal attributes of a wellness supporter. She is very present with her patients, is an attentive listener, and communicates in a way that instills resilience. She has taught me a lot about care options that were unfamiliar to me. She has also taught me much about being a whole person while I help treat a whole person.

Benjamin Danielson, MD
Medical Director of the Odessa Brown Children’s Clinic


I suffer from chronic allergies, and, despite years of trying different ‘cures’, from nasal steroids to nettle teas, it was not until I went through a detox/elimination diet from Dr. Hillary that I stopped waking up sniffling.  Friends have also commented that the dark smudges always present under my eyes, even after eight hours of sleep, are gone.  Dr. Hillary was extremely supportive, and sensitive to my desires for a regimen that I could follow easily while working out and working at my (demanding) job.  Though the detox is over, the knowledge Dr. Hillary shared with me is still helping me.  So grateful to have more energy to face the day!

Amaya. Oakland, CA


Dr. Hillary is amazing!  I was diagnosed with high blood pressure from a conventional doctor who tried to get me on medication that I would have to take permanently.  I looked into Naturopathic doctors for other alternatives and found Dr. Roland who put me on a combination of herbal supplements and dietary modifications that had my blood pressure at normal levels within a month.  She was very knowledgeable and professional and took great care in determining my history as well as my current state of health before coming up with a treatment plan.

John. Berkeley, CA