Naturopathic Sports Medicine


Athletic Optimization

Dr. Hillary Roland has been the personal doctor for elite athletes; and strives incorporate the latest research for training, supplementation and neuro-endocrinology to better help athletes optimize their performance and take their game to the highest level. Whether you are a professional athlete or a weekend warrior you can benefit from what we do in our athletic optimization program. We offer diet plans, IV nutrient repletion, specialized testing to determine your weaknesses so they may be supported, natural pain management, body alignment, and medical exercise specifically tailored to your sport of choice. We decrease your risk of injury and help you heal if you already have injuries interfering with your performance.

Injury Recovery Program

Combining natural and conventional approaches to sports medicine, naturopathic treatment of sports injury utilizes treatments that directly assist the body in repairing damaged tissue and allow for proper recovery. This type of care is supportive and is designed to control inflammation and stimulate the body’s inherent healing capabilities, rather than drugging the symptoms of the problem. We use an individualized combination of therapies such as trigger point injection, kiniseo taping, therapeutic exercise, ultrasound, low level laser and directed herbal and nutrient supplementation to foster healing. To find out more about the therapies we offer for injury healing please contact us today.