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Patient Testimonials

"I have been working with Dr. Roland for a number of years now. She has really made a difference in my life. Her wealth of knowledge is awesome and she couldn't be a sweeter human being. I have referred many clients to her and have a lot of trust in the services she provides." Marlie W.


"Dr. Roland is an incredible practitioner. Very knowledgeable, kind and always on top of things. My whole family is happier and healthier as a result. We love Dr. R and have recommended her to several family and friends."  Lindsay P.

"Dr. Roland is a highly knowledgeable professional and also a gifted healer. She has a wealth of knowledge about conventional and holistic healing (and the synergy between the two), and she also has a beautiful ability to be present with her patients as we navigate the sometimes challenging space of having and a healing a human body. I feel very lucky to have found her, and to have her help and support on my journey." Emily W.


"Dr. Roland helped my twins get off their ADHD medications.  She helped us find natural therapies that work better then the medications and with no side-effects.  She has a wonderful demeanor with the kids and has helped us immensely.  I highly recommend her."  L.P.


"After trying to get pregnant for a year and a half and we came to Dr. Roland as a last ditch effort before trying IVF. Our initial consultation was very informative and she explained very carefully making a complicated issue easy to understand.  We worked on 5 factors that need to work optimally for couples to conceive and 4 months later we were pregnant!  We are so thankful we found her before going through the traditional fertility treatments." R.C.  


"I feel like I’m finally getting to the root of why I have not been feeling well. My initial exam was thorough and Dr Hillary gave me plenty of things to work on. I am anxious to get my blood work done and discuss the results."  Ashley V. W.


"Compassionate, resourceful, and personable - Dr. Roland is great at listening to my concerns, goals, and lifestyle stipulations, then applying her knowledge of potential solutions to create the best treatment plan for me. It's clear that she cares about her patients as people, rather than just "clients." She respects my agency in my healthcare by thoroughly explaining her thought process and the pros/cons of my options. She goes beyond basic expectations, and makes herself available by email in between visits. Highly recommend!"  Katie C.


"Dr Hillary Roland is wonderful! I have been a patient for years. She has changed my life for the better in so many ways. I am very grateful to have learned so much from her. If you follow her treatment plan you will see results for sure! She is very warm, intelligent and intuitive. I plan on keeping her as my doctor for many many years to come!"  Lorie P.


"Exactly what a Doctor should be. Dr. Roland has been an invaluable asset on my healing journey. Her knowledge, attention to detail, and supportive demeanor have allowed me to grow to trust and appreciate her immensely in the short time that we have been working together. She understands where I'm coming from and where I'd like to be, emotionally and physically. I cannot recommend her enough!"  Sara L.


"Genuine care - Dr. Hillary Roland is an amazing doctor. She makes me feel safe and accepted. She values my intuition, listens to my worries, and keeps me present and embodied in the now. I’m so grateful for her knowledge, expertise, and the way she delivers it. I trust her."  Elizabeth S.

"A kind and talented Doctor - Dr. Roland has been my doctor for years now. She has helped me with fatigue relating to hormone imbalances and chronic stress. I highly recommend her, as I have zero doubt about her ability, compassion, intelligence, intuition and talent. She is truly meant to heal people. She's especially adept at figuring out what's wrong when other doctors have fail to do so. Anyone with health issues would be in good hands with Dr. Roland."  N.W.


"I am so glad I found Dr. Roland after she left California. She has been my doctor since 2013. When she left California, I started seeing a new doctor and it was not the same. Dr. Roland has been able to diagnose and treat me via in person or phone appointments and I trust her treatment plans. If you are struggling and running out of hope, I highly recommend her! She has been able to regulate my hormones naturally and get me back on track."  Julie H.

"I have been seeing Dr. Hillary Roland for several years now. The thing I like most about working with her is that we explore natural ways to maintain my health, and we look for potential problems before they happen. When going over blood test results with her, you are provided far more insight into the results than simply that you are in or out of range. Highly recommend working with this very exceptional doctor!"  L.M.


"Good Direction for treatment - I really feel I will benefit from the plan that Dr. Hillary Roland has mapped out for me. She is knowledgeable and competent as well as being very pleasant."  Diane O.

"No nonsense holistic healing. Dr. Roland has been invaluable in helping me on my journey to better health. Her holistic approach is compassionate and extremely helpful. She is excellent at providing the tools and knowledge required to heal, while also empowering and supporting throughout the process. I highly recommend her!"  Natalie S.

"Attentive and Insightful. I've been under the care of Dr. Roland for about 2+ years now and hands down the only doctor that has taken the time to understand my body and not make generalizations. Great care, responsive, attentive! I highly recommend Dr. Roland!"  Tristan D.

"Dr. Roland is extremely personable and caring. Whenever I have an appointment I do not feel rushed or that my concerns / questions are falling on deaf ears. I highly recommend."  K.O.

"Dr. Roland is fantastic. For the first time in about 3 years I feel that someone has LISTENED to me and what is happening to my body. I am heard. I have a positive outlook on her proposed treatment and would recommend her practices to any woman."  Katya C.

"Great practitioner! Dr. Roland was very attentive and professional. As a health care practitioner myself, she heard what I had to say and made great suggestions and a solid treatment plan. Would recommend her to all my patients, colleagues, and friends."  Jennifer W.

"Empowering and positive experience. Dr. Roland was encouraging, informative and very thorough. I feel hopeful with her care. Highly recommend."  A.A.

"What an awesome visit. I received world-class patient care. I was impressed with my care plan. Thanks to Dr. Hillary Roland!! On the journey to health and wellness."  Tracye O.

"Lovely experience. I feel informed and taken time with. Calm, caring environment. Dr. Roland allows you to be heard and listens well, thus giving great care to her patients. She's also a sweet and fun personality. Highly recommend."  R.M.


"I spent 3 years covered in hives and having attacks (under the care of a team of doctors who never addressed my unique system or got to the root causes) before I found Dr. Roland. She scientifically and methodically assisted me to figure out my allergies and to enable me to be healthy again. She continues to support my total mental and physical health. I'm forever grateful!"  M.D. —Evergreen, CO


"Professional and nurturing health care - I suffer from chronic allergies, and, despite years of trying different ‘cures’, from nasal steroids to nettle teas, it was not until I went through a detox/elimination diet from Dr. Hillary that I stopped waking up sniffling.  Friends have also commented that the dark smudges always present under my eyes, even after eight hours of sleep, are gone.  Dr. Hillary was extremely supportive, and sensitive to my desires for a regimen that I could follow easily while working out and working at my (demanding) job.  Though the detox is over, the knowledge Dr. Hillary shared with me is still helping me.  So grateful to have more energy to face the day!"  Amaya — Oakland, CA

"Dr. Hillary is amazing!  I was diagnosed with high blood pressure from a conventional doctor who tried to get me on medication that I would have to take permanently.  I looked into Naturopathic doctors for other alternatives and found Dr. Roland who put me on a combination of herbal supplements and dietary modifications that had my blood pressure at normal levels within a month.  She was very knowledgeable and professional and took great care in determining my history as well as my current state of health before coming up with a treatment plan."   John — Berkeley, CA

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